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A middle aged male with known history of HTN, Alcohol abuse, Pancreatitis presents wit upper GI bleed. Due to failed conservative management, undergoes Endoscopy.

Prior imaging includes CT Abdomen and pelvis

1st Endoscopy

UGI Bleed


• Tortuous submucosal blood vessel in the stomach causing bleeding

CT Abdomen:

• Tortuous submucosal blood vessel in the stomach corresponding to the endoscopy findings.

Which blood vessel?

Phrenic or splenic artery?


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Dr. Ram Gurajala

Dr. Ram Kishore R. Gurajala is an Interventional radiologist practicing at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Gurajala did residency training in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Mersey School of Radiology in Liverpool, United Kingdom and likes teaching which led to the idea of creating the website, which is probably one of few educational websites dedicated to IR.