On December 10, 2020, California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra proposed a new set of modifications to the CCPA regulations. The CCPA continues to evolve as these recent changes come less than two months after the last set of proposed changes.  

The latest proposal offers two changes to the October 12, 2020 proposal, which leave the remaining modifications unchanged.

Offline Notifications

The first modification clarifies that it is the sale and not the collection of personal information gathered offline that triggers the offline “Do Not Sell” notice requirement. A business must inform consumers by an offline method of their right to opt-out and provide them instructions on how to submit a request to opt-out of the sale of their data.

For example, a business that sells personal data gathered offline can do so by posting signage in the location the data is collected and direct consumers to where opt-out information can be found online.

If a business sells personal information that it collects over the phone, they can inform consumers of their right to opt-out orally during the call.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information Button

The second modification centers around the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” button. The button may be used in addition to but not in place of posting the “Do Not Sell My Information” link.

If a business utilizes the “Do Not Sell My Information” button, it must be located on the left of the “Do Not Sell My Information” link and link to the same page.  

Stay tuned for more updates! Truyo will continue to provide you with the latest updates to privacy regulations.

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