July 10, 2018 – GDPR Edge is now a Co-Sell Ready Microsoft Partner and is available on the Microsoft AppSource marketplace. Now available globally, GDPR Edge, powered by IntelĀ®, brings the world’s first blockchain-based solution for GDPR compliance to Microsoft customers and partners worldwide.

With GDPR Edge, companies can now fully automate access requests and other individual rights initiated by data subjects under the GDPR, complete with custom branded privacy portals, workflow management, automated reporting, and centralized data and consent management.


GDPR Edge leverages either multi-tenant or customer-owned Microsoft Azure instances to assemble centralized data lakes of all information on any data subjects that a company tracks under the GDPR. Integrating with virtually any data source where data subject information is stored, including Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office products, the GDPR Edge platform can eliminate 95% of the operational overhead created by the individual rights portions of the GDPR, while offering data subjects a pleasant user experience.

GDPR Edge is also available for resale through the Microsoft partner community of system integrators who have built GDPR and privacy service offerings, or who wish to integrate the GDPR Edge platform into existing data, security and Business Intelligence products.

Kicking off the announcement, Microsoft is joining GDPR Edge, Intel, BDO, and TrustArc on a 20 city roadshow in the US and EU starting in August 2018. The GDPR & Privacy roadshow brings together CISOs and Data Protection Officers across all industries to share experiences post-GDPR deadline, and in the wake of new GDPR-like legislation in the US, Canada and other parts of the world.

To request more information on GDPR Edge, visit GDPR Edge on Microsoft AppSource, or contact your Microsoft Account Executive or partner today.