In a meeting agenda released today, the California Privacy Protection Agency made it clear that they are going to move quickly and start implementing changes straightaway. In fact, it looks like they will assume rule-making authority immediately. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 14, 2021 at 9:00 am PST and will begin with formal introductions to the CPPA committee members:

  • Jennifer M. Urban, CPPA Chairperson
  • Lydia de la Torre, CPPA Board Member
  • Vinhcent Le, CPPA Board Member
  • Angela Sierra, CPPA Board Member
  • Christopher Thompson, CPPA Board Member

Key agenda items include the initial hiring strategy, timelines, and duties which indicate the CPPA is ready to bolster their team to enforce the California Consumer Privacy Act that’s in effect now and in preparation for CPRA enforcement, come 2023. Dan Clarke, Truyo president, found Agenda Item #11 the most telling – Notice to the Attorney General to Assume Rulemaking Authority. “It looks like the CPPA wants to take over long before CPRA goes into effect, which indicates they are going to move on enforcement right out of the gate and will become the CCPA enforcement agency as soon as possible.”

Agenda Item #13 allows time to consider future agenda items so it’s possible that we’ll learn more about topics for the next meeting and gain insight into what’s next for California privacy enforcement. Truyo will share more details as they become available and will follow up with an analysis of the June 14th meeting. Sign up for our newsletter below to have our California Privacy Protection Agency insights delivered right to your inbox.